What’s Wrong With This Planet?

This is!


Series 8 Storyline Already Written

Steven Moffat has said that the outline for series 8 is already written.  According to Buzzfeed:

“Yes, I’m afraid,” he said, when asked whether he outlined future seasons. “We have to work quite a long way in advance. The next season is plotted out. I always end up complaining about it, but it’s quite fun. I’m just making up nonsensical adventures, what’s wrong with that?”

Flanked by the current Doctor, Matt Smith, and the reigning companion Jenna Coleman, Moffat also reflected on the chain letter nature of the long-running series, which has been passed on from one producer/star team to another for half a century. Has he thought about how long he plans on running the series – the next season will be his fourth – before letting someone else have a crack at pushing and twisting the canon?

“Forever. We’re not letting anyone else do it,” he joked, part of an effort to shy away from talk of a timeline or his legacy. “You take it a year at a time, that’s all you can do. It’s such a commitment. It’s nine or ten months a year of work, so I think you can only really do that a year at a time anyway. And if you start thinking of the legacy now… we’ve got a long time to think about that, when people have forgotten us. We just want it to be great. All I ever worry about is the show that is coming out on Saturday.”

Personally, I’ll just be happy if Smith’s hair grows back before filming…

Matt Smith Narrates Poem

Matt Smith narrated a poem for Disney Junior!

See it HERE

An Adventure In Space And Time

For those of you who don’t already know, the BBC is making a docudrama (documentary? drama?  I have no idea what that means) about the team/making of Doctor Who in the 60s.  It’s called “An Adventure In Space And Time” (written by Mark Gatiss) and is supposed to be 90 minutes long, airing in November during the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Casting is obviously completed, and photos have already come out of David Bradley as William Hartnell.

See them HERE if you’re interested.

Clarence And The Whispermen

This prequel really should have been released before “The Name Of The Doctor” instead of after, in my opinion.

Meanwhile In Calgary…

The TARDIS has been spotted in Calgary, Alberta!


Time Killing

I’ve totally had days like this!  Starting at 2:28, I mean

Weeping Angel Terror

Any Doctor Who fan can relate to this kind of terror!

Disney Angel

When my family went to Walt Disney World we came across this one.  She grabbed the back of my hair at the base of the skull and wasn’t too keen on letting go.  Luckily this particular angel isn’t strong enough to send anyone back in time… YET

Redgrave Talks 50th

Jemma Redgrave has been talking to What’s on TV about the 50th anniversary special:

I wasn’t even allowed to tell my children I was actually in it for about four or five weeks! Once we filmed in Trafalgar Square I knew it would be impossible to keep that under wraps! But what do you do? I was going to work and not being able to tell anyone what I was doing! It was like joining bloody MI6!

What I can tell you is that it’s absolutely bloody brilliant! I think it’s an astonishing script. Steven Moffat is an outrageously good writer and as always with Doctor Who, it’s philosophical, it’s deep, it’s an adventure story and if you’re a kid, you’re going to be taken on an extraordinary ride. It raises all sorts of interesting questions for anyone who wants to go deeper with it. It’s funny and then on a sixpence it breaks your heart. It’s just wonderful!

Strax Field Report

Warning – Don’t watch this if you haven’t seen “The Name Of The Doctor”