John Barrowman is at the Edmonton Comic Expo and was kind enough to share this photo:


Apparently he has the only full line at the Expo, and I can see why!  After all, who doesn’t love Captain Jack?

Smith Vs. Troughton

Doctor Who TV is still doing their tournament for the best Doctor.  Right now it’s Matt Smith Vs. Patrick Troughton.

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Matt Smith

This recent photo of Matt Smith looks so different from when he first hit our screens in 2010.  The role of the Doctor has definitely aged him a bit, but not at all in a bad way.  I’ve got to admit it – he’s kind of a hottie 🙂

Celebrities Visit Broadway - May 21, 2013

Fan-Made 50th Posters

Have one you want to share?  Let me know!





First And Last

This will soon need to be updated with the 11th Doctor’s last words…

First And Last

One Year Ago

One year ago today, Amy Pond and Rory Williams made their exit from Doctor Who.  Here they are having fun between takes on their final episode:


Just think, in 3 months time, all 3 of them will be gone…