John Barrowman is at the Edmonton Comic Expo and was kind enough to share this photo:


Apparently he has the only full line at the Expo, and I can see why!  After all, who doesn’t love Captain Jack?

Smith Vs. Troughton

Doctor Who TV is still doing their tournament for the best Doctor.  Right now it’s Matt Smith Vs. Patrick Troughton.

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Matt Smith

This recent photo of Matt Smith looks so different from when he first hit our screens in 2010.  The role of the Doctor has definitely aged him a bit, but not at all in a bad way.  I’ve got to admit it – he’s kind of a hottie 🙂

Celebrities Visit Broadway - May 21, 2013

Fan-Made 50th Posters

Have one you want to share?  Let me know!





First And Last

This will soon need to be updated with the 11th Doctor’s last words…

First And Last

One Year Ago

One year ago today, Amy Pond and Rory Williams made their exit from Doctor Who.  Here they are having fun between takes on their final episode:


Just think, in 3 months time, all 3 of them will be gone…


Still watching Space.  Series 3 of New Who, Episode 7.

So the Doctor and Martha have followed a distress signal to a ship in lockdown mode.  The panic has started, and the TARDIS is in a 3000 degree room.  Time to spring into action with just 42 minutes to spare.  Well that’s a good start…

Next is a “sick” crew member.  Lets just throw him into stasis and move on.

The countdown is giving a nice sense of urgency to the episode.  It feels like it needs to be fast paced, or else everyone dies.

Martha and a crew member start working their way through sealed doors.  They need to answer questions correctly to move through.  The catch?  One chance per door.  Drunk crew members thought up the questions, and the crew has changed since it was set up.  So we can expect pop-quiz questions through the show.  Great.  On the bright side, it gives Martha a chance to fight with her mother.

Meanwhile, the sick crew member gets up and gets scary.  The Doctor needs to run to the rescue, but of course he can’t be quick enough.  They arrive to find an empty bed and an imprint of what used to be the medic.  They have just enough time to make a ship-wide announcement before he kills again.

The Doctor has to tell the sick crew member’s wife that he’s already gone, while he’s off killing yet another person.  Then a sick crew member finds Martha and her helper.  They run and lock themselves into an airlock.  The sick guy tries to jettison them while the Doctor runs to help.  Martha’s helper holds him off in the system while they wait.  He  can’t stop it, so the pod is released into space.

The original crew member finds his wife and tells her that this is all her fault, then she’s saved (and he’s killed) by a non-sick crew member.  Wish I’d been paying attention to names.

I really wish they’d made the “sick” crew members easier to tell apart.  Those stupid helmets make it hard to tell if you’re not paying close attention.

So Martha and her helper are stuck in a pod waiting to die.  They have to have the standard get-to-know-you chat.  Really?  Why bother?  I guess it’s a human thing…  Then she calls her Mom to say she loves her.  In the background you can see that her mother’s conversation is being monitored.

So the wife of the original crew member manages to kill of a sick crew member.  The Doctor refuses to let Martha go, so he puts on an orange suit (not the only time we see this suit) and heads outside.  Of course he manages to retrieve the pod, but he also manages to see that the sun is not just a sun.  It’s alive.  If you’d been paying attention you’d probably not be all that surprised, since the crew was infected by something.

Since he was looking at it, he also managed to be infected.  He tells Martha to get him into a stasis chamber below -200 degrees to freeze it out.  The other “dead” crew members are coming back to life, and her helper and someone else start working their way through the doors again.

Martha gets to work, but a sick crew member shuts off the stasis chamber.  The wife runs to take care of it, while the Doctor shouts instructions to return what they stripped out of the sun.  Now she runs.

The wife manages to send herself and her “husband” out an airlock to keep him away from the rest of the crew.

The Doctor turns himself over to the infection, but some of the crew has reached the control room.  Martha tells them to vent the fuel, which they do.  That releases the sick crew members and the Doctor, as well as she ship.  With seconds to spare.

The entire episode was fast paced, which meant the ending didn’t feel any more rushed than the rest of the show did.

The usual goodbyes happen before they jump into the TARDIS to head to the next adventure.  This is not just the episode where Martha’s phone gets upgraded to work anywhere, but also the one where she gets a TARDIS key.  Plus the Doctor says “thank you”, a rare thing.

This episode sets a chain of events into motion because of what Martha’s mother has been up to…

Blink is supposed to be on later, and I’m hoping to be able to catch it.  I really do like that episode.

50th Teasers

Finally, we get a couple “teasers” from Day of the Doctor… but they’re definitely not what I’d hoped for.  There’s literally nothing in them!  I expected just a quick blip, but an actual 2 second scene.  Comments?


Space is having another Doctor Who marathon, and I happened to turn it on partway through The Lazarus Experiment.  That’s the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) travelling with Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman).

Often I come into an episode in time for a fantastic line.  Today it was:
“Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80.  It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”

I’d like to be that person.  The one that lives, that does things, that goes out and sees the world.  Time and money both restrict that for me.  I try to be happy with the life I have, but I always want more… I don’t think that will ever change.  My fandom allows me to escape the ordinary and dream of things bigger than myself.  For those people that don’t understand fandoms, I think they need to give it a chance.  Maybe, just maybe, it can make you feel like you’ve lived a little more.